Person memorialized in color

David Adkisson

Nancy Adkisson

Raymond Balogh, Sr.

Karen Heimann

Jack H. Boyd, DDS

Esther Boyd

Ronald and Dorothy Burgette

Janice Burgette

William and Angeline Camp

Paul Campbell

Bill and Rita Cantello

Francis and Elizabeth Cantello

Jim Crabill

Katherine Crabill

James H. Crandal

Rosemarie Bostleman
Darrell & Marilyn Post
Jerry and Carol Flowers
Kenneth and Diane Post
James and Maria Geyer
Janet Bouwkamp & Family

Anna Davis

John & Cassandra Bruner

Rosamond Dehner

Olan & Mary Louise Dalton
William Jenkins
Scot Schouweiler
PNC Wealth Management

Bessie Dennison

Drucilla Dennison

Derek M. Dennon

Tami Dennon

Jeffrey Doner

Richard and Vera Doner

Patricia "Maureen" Farnan

Joanne Alderdice
Rita Belot
Mary Ann Burk Bickley
Thomas and Gwen Byers
Jeremy Farnan
David and Mary Ann Farnan
Anne Lanser
Richard & Sheridan Nahrwold
Simon and Amy Rendall
Donald & Roseann Simmons
St. Mary's Academy Class of 1961
Pamela Weiss-Farnan
David and Bette Ziner

Madolyn R. Fisher

R.D. Fisher

Sandy and Derek Franz

Katherine Crabill

Marianne Frederick

J. Michael & Roberta Kelley

Linda Graham

Elaine Cowen

Merle R. Grimm

Betty Grimm

Norman and Harriett Gebard

Andrew Gebhard

Dr. Glenn Hallberg

Laura Craig

Sandy Hamilton

Mary Lourine Hall
Dr. and Mrs. Rhys Rudolph

John Haynes

John and Louise Haynes

Dr. Art and Mary Hoffman

John and Barbara Hoffman

Zondra L. Hull

Gregory Hull

Jane Hurley

Robert and Jan Thomas

Todd, Jon, and Eric Iott

Anthoy and Ilene Iott

Stanley and Theresa Jozwiak

Bernard and Lois Jozwiak

Gerry Kaufman

Linda Kaufman

Philip E. Kennedy


Jack and Geneve Kitch

Dan and Sarah Kitch, Jr.

Dorothy Knorr

William Knorr

Paula Kramer

Matthew Barb & Catherine Chung

Lyle LaFever

Keith and Phyllis Jackson

Andy Langohr

Connie Miller

Jeanine Lee

Matthew Barb & Catherine Chung

Susan Lengacher

William Lengacher

Michael E. Lomont, MD

Dianne Dunfee

Gerald and Mae Maloney

Ronald and Barbara Maloney

Marilyn McDougle

Roy and Mary Gilliom
Sue and Ted Mullett

William F. Mead, DDS

Dan and Janet Stalf

Juanita Schaber and Patricia Meyer

Karen Heimann

Rita Minnich

Jim and Sue Poiry

Donald Mohrman

James and Patricia DeMond
William and Camille Pond

Wini Mosches

Michael Mastrangelo, MD

Joanne Nelson

Rex and Jo Stinson
J. Paul & Charlotte Trenary
Jud and Rochelle Lehman
Sharon Sue Michael
Carole White
Donald and Carole Schoenefeld
Carol Kettler

Joan Nix

Betsy Bonham
Alan and Julie Bowers
Kirk and Kristine Giant
Barbara Hicks
Richard Kelly
Donald and Judith Mattes
Stephen and Tracy Miller
Rodger Rang

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Orum

Scott and Tracee Orum

Patricia Perkins

Warren Perkins

John and Marcella Quinn

Carolyn Goshorn

Pam Reece

Ronald Reece

Dorothy Reust

Darren & Sharon Sutton

Ryan Risberg

David and Bette Worley

Mr. and Mrs. Rust

Timothy and Nada Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Don Rudorf

Barbara Kraegel

Matthew Rutherford

Arthur and Jeanne Hastings

Joe and Marge Ryan

Douglas and Maureen Campbell

Martha Berghoff Ryan

Richard Ryan

Jim and Rose Ryan

Tim and Kathy Ryan

Dorothy Savio

James and Glenna Hopkins

Erin Neufer Schenher

Jeff and Vicki Schenher

Melvin R. Schwartz

Barbara Kraegel

Nancy Sharpe

Jeffrey Sharpe

James and Margaret Shields

Dennis & Marylou Hipskind

Margaret Shields

Edwin Boknecht, Jr.
Robert & Stephanie Cheek
Ronald and Joan Dick
Jerome F. Henry, Jr.
Jay and Patricia Jackson
Kevin and Carol Laisure
Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Donald and Florence Mauch
Mike and Mary Obergfeld
James and Susan Owen
James and Susan Poiry
F. Walter Riebenack
Marjorie Smith
Amy Stout

Benjamin R. Smith

Keston Smith

Smith and Macco Families

James and Judith Smith

Donald Stump

Carl and Joan Parkison & Family

Cecelia Voirol

Gary and Teresa Voirol

Bill Voors

Debra Voors

Sr. Helen Watkins, PHJC

Martha Rose Smith

Bob Winkeljohn

Diane Winkeljohn

C.W. Woods

Dorthy Woods

Maury Wyss

Mary Lourine Brososky

Ruth Wyss

James Wyss

Jay and Carolyn Zehr

Brian and Kyla Zehr

Doris Zink

Kenneth & Elise Koenemann

Family Members

Nancy Adkisson


Person honored in color

Dr. Ahmed Abdelmageed

Abdullah Abu Hussein
Tariq Akbar
Scott Alexander
Salah Algrami
Dr. Mohamed Amin
Saeed Bahemia
Debbie Beck
Eric Brooks
Michelle Calka
Stephanie Crandall
Claire Ewart
Sarah Felger
Anne Gregory
Ginger Graves
Sarah Hyndman
Emily Kersey
Hajira Khan
Martin Manlove and Martha Martin
Sharmila Mohan
Jennifer Purdue
Patrick Riecke
Lamont Robinson
Sarah Smith
Dr. Matthew Sprunger
Lisa Starks
Angel Steiner
Rania Tayara
Heather Van Frankenhuyzen
Robbyn Van Frankenhuyzen
Leonard Williams

Bethlehem Lutheran Church


Mary Ann Bleeke

Richard and Linda Hite

Sue Carothers

Dale and Jean Vandergriff

James and Rosemary Finneran

Mike and Kristi Miller

Dr. James Frey

Ed and Anne Martin

Steve Haydock

Council of the Holy Trinity 12741

Larry Hoffman

Louise Hoffman

Dr. Michael Mastrangelo

Jessica Hayes

George Brandon Mayo

Toni Mayo

Robert E. Mills

Scott Mills

Don and Reina Offerle

John Townsend

Rosemary Reszel

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Reszel

Betty Robbins

Mark and Marti Trout

Dr. Greg Schmitt

Dr. James Edlund

Hans and Martha Sieber

Paul and Brenda Tein

Wendy Sieber 

Paul and Brenda Tein

Gideon and Lorraine Smith

Keston Smith

Emory Spisak, DDS

Diane Adams

Nicolas Stein

Margaret Steiner

Dr. Rodger Valliere

Dr. David and Marylou Morgan

L. Ruth Yast

Paul and Brenda Tein