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  • Approximately 25–30% of Allen County residents are uninsured.

  • At Matthew 25, our patients are uninsured and ineligible for Medicaid or Medicare.

  • Currently, Matthew 25 serves approximately 100 patients per day on average — a number that’s always increasing.

  • More than 1,000 patients rely on our center for diabetes support.

  • Our patients are all low-income residents (live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines).

  • The majority of our patients are employed; few are homeless.

  • People who are 40-60 years old make up the fastest-growing group served by Matthew 25.

  • We are the only full-time, full-service center of our kind in Allen County offering free medical, dental, vision, hearing, and prescriptive services all under one roof.

  • We are funded entirely by individuals, churches, organizations, and corporations as well as grants from foundations. We receive no government funding.

  • We provide care to our patients at no charge; they are encouraged to make a $5-10 donation if they are able.

  • We are inspired by the Bible verse that shares our name. At Matthew 25, we are called to provide care for every patient with compassion and dignity, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Fast Facts

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