Staff/Volunteer FAQs

Am I required to have an active medical/dental or other professional license as a physician, dentist, nurse etc?

Yes, we need a copy of your most recent license(s) and government issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License).

Do I need to carry malpractice insurance to volunteer at the clinic site?

We have what is called FTCA (Federal Tort Claims Act) for our volunteer Doctors, Dentists, and other licensed providers. This is an application process for malpractice immunity. If you are interested please see the Medical/Dental Director or volunteer coordinator.

How much time is required to volunteer?

We ask that you commit to 3-4 hours once a week or once every other week. We are always in need of physicians and dentists so whatever hours you can put in is great. Any hours put in by our volunteers is greatly appreciated.

Who do I contact if I want to volunteer?

You can contact the Volunteer Coordinator. You must fill out a volunteer application so we can recognize all the hours you put into volunteering at the clinic and keep you updated with what is going on with the clinic.

How do I know that I have been accepted as a volunteer?

You will know that you have been accepted as a volunteer when the Volunteer Coordinator contacts you to start a training session. Please note that we receive many applications a day and it takes time to go through all of them. Training also takes time to set up and schedule. Please be patient with the process to become a volunteer.

Who does the scheduling for volunteers?

The Volunteer Coordinator and supervisors do most of the scheduling. It is important to let your supervisor know if you will not be able to volunteer on a certain day you signed up for. You may sign up for certain times on the calendar specified for your department. It is very important that you let your supervisor know when you will come in as well as writing your name down on the calendar.

Can Volunteers request certain shifts?

Yes, on the application form you can select the times and days that you are available and that work best for you. We will work as hard as we can to make sure everyone gets the shift that they requested. However if you notice that there are more than four people signed up in your area for a specific day, be sure to ask the staff member if you can sign up.

Why are shifts 3-4 hours long?

We are aiming to standardize our shifts. Each volunteer is asked to contribute 3-4 hours every week or every other week. This standardized length creates continuity for patient care, makes a much smoother clinic operation, and creates a much stronger volunteer team.

What is the total volunteer commitment?

The commitment varies depending on the description of the volunteer. For students it is nice to have them more than a couple of months, working anywhere between 20-25 hours each month. For permanent volunteers it is nice for them to work anywhere between 6-10 hours a month.

When do volunteers get their work schedule?

There will be calendars in each department for the volunteers to see and sign up for days and times. If you are unable to work the days you are assigned, please notify your supervisor or the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.

Can I observe the practice of medicine while at the clinic?

Yes and no. All of our volunteers are involved with patient care at the clinic, thus we are all observing the practice of medicine. In regards to the direct observation of the practice of medicine, it is only observed by volunteers trained in that area of the clinic.

Where do I park?

Please park in the row along the alley just north of the building. We do understand this lot fills up fast. Consider parking in the lot east of the building off Clay Street to leave the row of parking for those volunteers who are older and have trouble walking. There is also parking available across the street in the St. Mary’s Church parking lot.

When do I need to be there for my shift?

Please arrive for you volunteer shift 5-10 minutes before it starts.

Who oversees all the volunteers?

The Volunteer Coordinator oversees all of the volunteers. However, there are supervisors in each department that will address any questions, concerns and conflicts as they arise while volunteering. Any conflict or concern that cannot be handled by the supervisors needs to be brought to the volunteer coordinator’s attention.

Can my child accompany me on my shift?

No. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and have an interest in volunteering. We would like our volunteers to focus on their assigned job so that they do not make mistakes or become distracted.

Do you accept volunteers who are younger than 18 years old?

We ask that volunteers be at least 18 years of age.

What if my availability changes?

If your availability changes, please let your supervisor know immediately or contact the volunteer coordinator and she can relay the information. It is important that we change your schedule on the department’s calendar and have a replacement for your time slot.

How do volunteers contact the clinic?

Volunteers can contact the clinic through phone, mail or email. Please see the information in the contact page of this handbook.

Can I volunteer and be a patient here?

No, you must be either a volunteer or a patient. You cannot be both.

What does 200% of the federal poverty level mean?

The United States Department of Health and Human Services establishes the federal poverty level. Matthew 25 Health and Dental clinic serves adults who earn at or below 200% of this level. If you would like to see a complete chart of the different levels please see the Volunteer Coordinator.

Can children receive care at Matthew 25 Health and Dental Clinic?

No we do not serve children at Matthew 25. The Clinic tries not to duplicate other services and there are several other local programs that serve the dental and healthcare needs of those under 18 years of age.