Patient Assistance Program FAQs

Will applying for Medicaid disqualify me from being a patient?

No, applying for Medicaid will not disqualify you. While the application is pending, or if the application is denied, you will remain our patient. If you are approved for Medicaid, Matthew 25 is not allowed to take care of you anymore, but we will assist you in finding another doctor in the community if requested.

What happens if I need the medications before the PAP medications arrive?

Matthew 25 will provide you with a 15-30 day supply of the medications if they are available or an alternate medication will be prescribed until the medications arrives through PAP.

When do I receive my medications?

As a part of every medical appointment, if medications are prescribed, they will be distributed to you at the Med Room window. You will receive your PAP medications there.

How can I get refills on my medications?

f the PAP provider has given you refills on a medication, then call the medication refill line, 469-0232, 3 to 4 business days before you need to pick up your medication, so they can have it ready for you when you come in. If someone else is picking up your medication, please send a note with them giving them your permission.

What happens if I don’t have all the information needed by a given drug company?

You won’t get that drug through PAP.