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Pharmacist must be able to properly dispense medications prescribed by physicians and other health practitioners and explain information about the medication to the patients and how to properly take it. Perform data entry. Pharmacist may advise physicians and or other health practitioners on the choice, dosage, interactions, and potential side effects of the prescribed medications.


  • Must be licensed.

  • Must be able to dispense medications properly.

  • Must be able to clearly explain what the medication is, how it works exactly, and how to take them properly.

Minimum Age


Does this position have patient contact?


Volunteers serve up to 


  • Basic Computer Skills

  • Communication

  • People Skills

  • Standing for long periods

Business Consultant

Thank you for being willing to offer your time, skills and passion to help us at Matthew 25 fulfill our mission to the community.


If you are interested in the opportunity below, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

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