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Core privileges: Include medical treatment of patients, the performance of physical examinations, including the ordering and preliminary interpretation of diagnostic studies including laboratory, diagnostic imaging and electrocardiographic examinations as shall normally be considered part of general medicine. The administration of medications and the performance of treatments as shall normally be considered part of general medicine.

Minor surgical privileges: Include being able to suture uncomplicated lesions, I&D of abscess, simple skin biopsy or excision, removal of non-penetrating corneal foreign body, uncomplicated minor closed fractures (not involving traction or major manipulation), uncomplicated dislocations, injections and aspirations of major joints.

Special requests: In order to be granted privileges for additional procedures, the applicant may be required to provide evidence certifying competence.

Additional privileges requested:


Basic education: MD (Medical Doctor), DO (Osteopathic Doctor)

Minimal Formal Training: Completion of an ACGME or AOA approved post-graduate internship program, nurse practitioner program, physician assistant program, or other program (please specify)

Able to correctly assess patient and develop a plan of care based on current best practice. MD or DO. Must have a current license without restrictions in Indiana, certified in clinical speciality. Current skills in primary care medicine computer skills. Bi or multilingual helpful.

Minimum Age


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Volunteers serve up to 

4 hours anytime/day


Business Consultant

Thank you for being willing to offer your time, skills and passion to help us at Matthew 25 fulfill our mission to the community.


If you are interested in the opportunity below, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

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