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Memorial Remembrances


Matthew 25 Dental Clinic Memorial Remembrances

Recently Mark Dixon, chief executive officer, Matthew 25 and Dr. Thomas Blake, chairman of the Matthew 25 Dental Advisory Committee, presented the concept of recognizing deceased dentists who significantly impacted Mathew 25. Dr. James Frey and his committee developed the idea with the following results:


1. Indiana Dental Association membership:

  • In recognition of the support provided by the Isaac Knapp District Dental Society, its members and members of neighboring dental societies, the first criterion requires a dentist to have been a member of the Indiana Dental Association.

2. Matthew 25 Impact

  • Volunteerism:  The dentist must have volunteered hours in the dental clinic or

  • Memorial Gift:  The dentist designates Matthew 25 as a primary recipient of memorial gifts either prior to or upon the dentist’s death.


Starting with the year 2010, acknowledgment will be recognized by Matthew 25 inscribing the name of the dentists on a plaque, which will be appropriately displayed in the Dental Clinic. The names will be grouped by year of passage and will not distinguish between a volunteer or a donor, and will be updated annually.

During the discussion of this Memorial Remembrances concept, the Dental Advisory Committee strongly recommended that we consider an additional category of recognition. Prior to 2010, the committee suggested we acknowledge several long term, most loyal dentist volunteers.

The committee would like to extend its' appreciation to the following individuals who assisted in collecting the names of the deceased dentists: Cathy A. Fitzgerald, Executive Director, IKDDS: Jody Cleary, Director of Membership and Financial Services, IDA; and John Hoffman, Assistant Dean of Development IUSD; Ermina Mustedanagic, Director of Development, Matthew 25.


Prior to 2010

Dr. James R. Herber

Dr. Wendel D. Hughes

Dr. Philip E. O’Shaughnessy

Dr. Ralph G. Schimmele

Dr. Bernard K. Stuart


Dr. Jack H. Boyd

Dr. Glen S. Gardiner

Dr. Russell L. Heyde

Dr. Gerry K. Kaufman

Dr. Donald G. Lloyd

Dr. Peter T. Zonakis


Dr. Robert M. Stetzel


Dr. Frank A. Duncan

Dr. Edwin C. Errington

Dr. William A. Kunkel

Dr. Albert B. Nelson

Dr. Emery J. Spisak, Jr.


Dr. John L. Grutsch

Dr. James R. Platt

Dr. Thomas L. Winans

Dr. Keith E. Yoder

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